Specialized Coating Division

Specialized Powder Coating

Specialized Coating Division . one of the subsidiaries of Specialized Aluminum & Steel Company is noted to a leading and largest powder and polyvinylindene fluoride (PVDF) organic coating companies in Qatar with a production capacity of 6000 to 7000 metric tons per annum. The plant mainly deals with powder and PVDF liquid organic coating on aluminum and steel for architectural and façade industries.

We are an approved applicator of Qualcoat and having approvals from recognized manufactures who have established their unique brand of architectural powder: paints complying with international standards such as AAMA.Qualicoat and British Standard (BS).-Such as Akzo Nobel M/s Sherwin Williams (Valspar). PPG, Juton . Pulver etc.

Materials coated at Specialized Coating Division goes through Stringent quality control with fully equipped Chemical testing laboratory. what's more, we can otter an extensive range of powder Colors in various gloss levels to ensure the end product finished to meet your exact specifications.

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